Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Captain Kip Files to retire this weekend After 29 Years!

Rockland, Maine- After 29 years of sailing the Victory Chimes from Rockland Maine her beloved captain Kip Files will retire this Saturday.   
Here is the statement sent out this morning from Captain Kip Files:
"After 29 years of operating the schooner Victory Chimes, Paul and I have found the right person to take the helm and become her next caretaker.
Sam Sikkema  who sailed as mate last Fall has stepped up to be the new face of Victory Chimes.
Captain Sikkema has great credentials. .
He has sailed around the world on a square rigged vessel and has been Captain of a number of large traditional vessels. 
He is the perfect fit. 
Captain Sikkema will be taking over the reins of the vessel at the end of the season. 
This will be Paul and my last season at the helm. 
If you have been thinking of sailing with us come for a sail this summer to meet Sam and to say goodby.  Those of you who sign up and sail this September will receive a limited addition signed print of Victory Chimes done by Donald Demer as a farewell gift. Some great last minute discounts too!
Paul and I want to thank you all for the support and fun we had over the last 29 years. 
The Chimes will  be in great hands so please continue to support the  new “keeper”.
Fare well .  
Capt. Kip Files and Capt. Paul DeGaeta

Sam and Cara the new faces of Victory Chimes"

We wish Captains Kip and Paul all the best.

Photos provided by Maine Windjammer Project
The Maine Windjammer Project started in 2007 to preserve the modern history of the Maine Windjammer and to make it available to the generations to come.
This historical archive is available to museums and for historical research.
For more info contact: dougmills@shootmainestudios.com


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